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5 Reasons Why Communication Practice is Essential

How Effective Communication Helps Us Thrive

Communication is an unavoidable part of everyone's lives. It connects us to the people around us, bridging the gap between our inner world and theirs. Through communication, we discuss, negotiate, and align our goals, aims and desires. We socialise, organise, and keep ourselves sane through our ability to communicate. So, our ability to communicate impacts our ability to thrive.

Since communication is such an important part of our lives, we have chosen it as our Mental Health Challenge for February 2021. Make sure you download the calendar and note pages! These are applicable whatever your relationship status, and also if you are socially distancing. Don't forget to use the hashtag #FebCommunicationPractice, and to tag us @rachelamycounselling for encouragement!

In case you are not convinced that improving your communication will make a difference in your life, here are those five surprising benefits...

Effective Communication:

  1. Strengthens Relationships Effective communication allows us to have more complex, emotional, and strategic conversations. These conversations allow greater understanding, empathy, connection, and trust. This is crucial to the health and longevity of our closest relationships. It also creates bonds in our wider social and professional groups.

  2. Increases Confidence Developing the skills of effective communication makes everything easier. If you can communicate, you can talk to almost anyone about anything. You realise asking the right question is more powerful than having all the answers. And that takes the pressure off!

  3. Boosts Productivity Communication is all about connection, problem solving and negotiation. When your conversations become more effective, problem-solving becomes much easier. When things get easier, then more things get done: productivity boosted!

  4. Helps With Emotional and Mental Health Care Part of effective communication is identifying and expressing emotional content. This skill is essential for processing our own emotions. It strengthens us and helps the people caring for us to understand.

  5. Builds Resilience Practising our communication skills exposes us to more complex, emotional, and strategic conversations. We build stronger muscles by increasing the weights we life. In the same way, we build up our communication muscles. This helps us to develop emotional and intellectual resilience and capability.

Over the next month, I will post more blogs on communication and healthy relationships. So stay tuned!

Which of these benefits would you like the most? Start the conversation by commenting below :)

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